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Private Label Rights To


‘Achieve Success With The Right Thoughts’

Article Package!

A WIN-WIN Scenario:

Earn Some Serious $$$ While At The Same Time Help Your Audience Positively Think Their Way To Success.

Enough of negative ruminating thoughts! The news and media are already polluting our minds with bleak and gloomy stories every hour of everyday ... Now, this mind pollution has to stop.

Our contents contain creative and practical suggestions that will bring back their lost sense of POSITIVITY and will help restore their WELL-BEING.

Here is What’s Inside ‘The Power of Thoughts’ PLR Package:

Don’t Let Others Define Who You Are (802 Words)

True Success Starts with Contentment (723 Words)

Be Renewed by Letting Go of Your Past experience (770 Words)

10 secret ways to achieve Success (1061 Words)

10 Activities That Can Distract You From Negative Thoughts (802 Words)

How to Achieve A Healthy Thought Process (8 power tips) (668 Words)

Adopting a "Don't Quit" mentality (804 Words)

Taking the Mental Leap To Get Where You Need To Be In Life (712 Words)

Renew Your Mind, Renew your Life (819 Words)

Success and Happiness, Yes, You can have both! (756 Words)

The Secret of Overcoming Your Failures (817 Words)

Overcome Your Lack Of Self-Control With The Right Thoughts (896 Words)

Growing through Pain (884 Words)

Books Can Influence Positive Thinking (692 Words)

Adjust Your Mind And Gain Control Of Your Life (1007 Words)

That’s over 12,200 words of written content which is easily worth over $3,000 if you were to outsource it.

The great thing about this content? It’s EVERGREEN and always a topical issue in the self-improvement market.


* The Front End price will be raised to $17 on Monday, May 25th @ Midnight EST.

Front End:

15 compelling and professionally written articles focusing on specific issues which your audience may be facing as a result of negative ruminating thoughts and will easily address their main concerns with practical and effective solutions.

Upsell 1:

This upgrade complements the Front End articles with a full suite of marketing materials. It contains a report, lead magnet, videos, mp3, pptx and email sequence, tweets, social media posters and banners.

Upsell 2:

Huge article bundle.


Launch Date: Friday, May 22nd @ 9 AM EST

Price Increases: Monday, May 25th @ Midnight EST

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