Power of Social Media

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Power of Social Media

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Enough of ambitious entrepreneurs who have no idea how they can grow their business fast! Enough of seeing so many people failing to take advantage of the REVOLUTION that’s happening right before their very eyes!

Our contents contain creative and practical suggestions that will bring back a sense of COMMITMENT, CONFIDENCE and PROFITABILITY to people and will help restore their business WELL-BEING.

Here is What’s Inside ‘The Power of Social Media’ PLR Package:

7 Ways Embracing Social Media Can Change Your Life (872 words)

Aspire To Inspire On Social Media (860 words)

Be Heard Expand Your Reach (833 words)

Five Important Things You Need To Know About Social Media (1051 words)

How To Deal With Distractions On Social Media (985 words)

How To Run A Business Completely On Social Media (814 words)

Identifying Opportunities In The Social Media (790 words)

Impacting The World Through Social Media (847 words)

Mental Health And Social Media (908 words)

Mentorship And Social Media (869 words)

Social Media And Online Marketing (932 words)

Stand Up For Your Beliefs Amid The Contradictions (822 words)

Staying Connected To The World (923 words)

Taking your entrepreneurship to the next level by leveraging social media( 953 words)

The Importance Of Social Media (943 words)

That’s over 13,402 words of written content which is easily worth over $2,500 if you were to outsource it.

The great thing about this content? It’s EVERGREEN and always a topical issue in the self-improvement market.


* The Front End price will be raised to $17 on Monday, January 25th @ 23:59 EST.

Front End:

15 compelling and professionally written articles focusing on specific issues which your audience may be facing with parenting issues and will easily address their main concerns with practical and effective solutions.

Upsell 1:

This upgrade complements the Front End articles with a full suite of marketing materials. It contains a report, lead magnet, videos, mp3, pptx and email sequence, tweets, social media posters and banners.

Upsell 2-5:

Complementary products to complete their collection.

Upsell 6:

Huge article bundle.


Launch Date: Friday, January 22nd @ 9:00 AM EST

Price Increases: Monday, January 25th @ 23:59 PM EST

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