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'Raise Your Children For Success'

Article Package!

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Earn Some Serious $$$ While At The Same Time Help Your Audience Positively Pave Their Way To Success.

Enough of violent and abusive behavior among parents and children! Enough of seeing so many parents failing to raise and nurture their children with the right kind of love and affection.

Our contents contain creative and practical suggestions that will bring back a sense of HOPE, CONFIDENCE and POSITIVITY to parents and will help restore the whole family’s WELL-BEING.

Here is What’s Inside ‘‘The Power of Graceful Parenting’ PLR Package:

How to get over the challenges of parenthood (773 Words)

Building the right connection between siblings (989 Words)

How to safely raise your kids in this digital era (784 Words)

10 Fun original activities for family bonding (848 Words)

Becoming friends with your withdrawn child (831 Words)

Best tips for Homeschooling your child (628 Words)

Healthy and enjoyable food for kids (650 Words)

When your child betrays you (1017 Words)

How to handle separation (638 Words)

Adopting a child (720 Words)

Handling a rebellious child (678 Words)

Career guidance: How to help your child choose the right career (642 Words)

Choosing a college with your kids (613 Words)

Do's and Don'ts-when your child starts dating (941 Words)

How to safely handling sex talk with your growing child (872 Words)

That’s over 11,600 words of written content which is easily worth over $2,500 if you were to outsource it.

The great thing about this content? It’s EVERGREEN and always a topical issue in the self-improvement market.


* The Front End price will be raised to $17 on Monday, June 22nd @ 23:59 EST.

Front End:

15 compelling and professionally written articles focusing on specific issues which your audience may be facing with parenting issues and will easily address their main concerns with practical and effective solutions.

Upsell 1:

This upgrade complements the Front End articles with a full suite of marketing materials. It contains a report, lead magnet, videos, mp3, pptx and email sequence, tweets, social media posters and banners.

Upsell 2 & 3:

Complementary products to complete their collection.

Upsell 4:

Huge article bundle.


Launch Date: Friday, June 19th @ 9:00 AM EST

Price Increases: Monday, June 22nd @ 23:59 PM EST

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