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Profit Surge Blueprint

240 Done-For-You Short Value-Oriented Rebrandable Videos With A Complete Ready-To-Go Training Center That Will Sell To Your List Like A Ninja... All While Your Audience Gets Impactful Short Video Content That No Body Else Is Willing To Do!


Profit Surge Blueprint
Ignite Your Online Empire

This Volume is Jam-packed with 240 Short Videos on 4 In-Demand Topics.

One-Time-Release "Profit Surge Blueprint" PLR Package Includes The Following Modules:

12 RED-HOT Titles

240 Vertical Videos

240 Horizontal Videos

All Editable Files

Turnkey 80+ Video Pages Website

Full Private Label Rights License

And Much More...

Watch Samples of These Clever
Done-For-You Videos In Action!

Vertical Dimension:

(Ideal For TikTok & YouTube Shorts)

Horizontal Dimension:

(Ideal For Your Website or Training Center)

Take a look at these 240 video titles:

1. Get subscribers the old fashioned way

2. Collaborate with other vloggers in your niche

3. You don’t need to be in the same area

4. Two heads are better than one

5. All of your time and attention should be spent focusing on YouTube

6. YouTube is the free choice that makes sense

7. YouTube pays vloggers for the number of views they receive

8. Get more traffic and subscribers by posting your videos on social media

9. Don’t post links to your vlog and nothing else

10. It’s easy to waste your time on social media

11. Use a blog to funnel traffic to your blog

12. The more content, the higher the likelihood of receiving traffic

13. Share your blog posts on social media for more traffic

14. Ask the viewers of your vlog to like and subscribe

15. Your outro can remind people to subscribe and all that

16. Don’t sound desperate or beg your viewers

17. Answering comments quickly leads to a lively discussion

18. Build a community around your vlog

19. Interaction is a must if you want your channel to grow

20. Appeal to the human side of your viewers by talking about your journey

21. It's possible to have more than one channel

22. Sell on eBay as a side hustle or a full-time job

23. Turn your free time into cash

24. Surplus and dollar stores are excellent sources of cheap items

25. Write eBooks and cash in on your creative side

26. You don't need an agent or a publisher

27. All of this can be done for free

28. Become a voice-over artist and talk your way to riches

29. Don't settle for only eBooks

30. Sometimes you can make a percentage of the profits

31. Buy and sell services

32. Start small and work your way up

33. Scale up by having your own website

34. Buy cheap traffic and sell it at a premium price

35. Buying traffic directly from site owners can have great results

36. Traffic will always be in demand

37. Dropship low-cost products for big profits

38. Be careful when trying to drop ship using organic traffic

39. Start small and scale up

40. Take your love of social media to the next level

41. Set aside personal time for Facebook if you must

42. A video post is more likely to go viral

43. Your videos don’t have to be Hollywood quality

44. It’s about substance over quality

45. Repurpose your infographics by sharing them in a post

46. Make sure to waterMarchk your infographics

47. Don’t skimp when it comes to creating infographics

48. Focus more on content and less of affiliate offers

49. The affiliate offer must be useful to your followers

50. Always tie in the affiliate offer with your content

51. Get as much traffic to your Facebook page as possible from outside sources

52. Use other platforms to get traffic to your Facebook page

53. Promotion is one of those things that never ends

54. Market yourself more than your business

55. Make yourself accessible to the public

56. Allow yourself to be rough around the edges

57. Share useful links and content from others in your niche

58. Let the content creator know you’re sharing their content

59. Share the content of others regularly

60. Don’t constantly bombard people with advertising

61. Finding the right people can make all the difference

62. Target customers in your hometown by outsourcing local SEO

63. Don’t worry if they are from another country

64. Past performance is indicative of future results

65. Anything involving social media can be outsourced

66. Don’t hire someone who claims to be an expert at all social media

67. Zero in on a social networking site

68. Don’t let product descriptions drain your time

69. A product description writer is a breed all of their own

70. You will need to see their past work

71. Outsource the content production of your email lists

72. Get all of the stats before hiring the person you’re outsourcing the project to

73. Try to find an expert within your niche

74. Market research is a task best suited for outsourcing

75. The person you outsource the work to doesn’t need to be an expert in your niche

76. The real trick is to put their information to good use

77. Have someone else make your site look gorgeous

78. The design of your site needs to be updated yearly

79. To find the best designer, find one who is busy

80. Leave all the file formatting to someone who understands it

81. Not all content is worthy of being sponsored

82. Work hard at developing relationships with people on the platform

83. It's all about building relationships

84. Get to know people by their name

85. Take advantage of rich media

86. Video is where the money is

87. View your content through the eyes of a follower

88. Optimize your account to rank in LinkedIn's search engine

89. Laser focus on the right keywords

90. Don't stuff your profile with keywords to rank for unrelated search queries

91. Pay close attention to analytics

92. Don't feel overwhelmed by statistics

93. Keep a close eye on gains and losses

94. Start your own group

95. Don't let your group get out of hand

96. Set the tone by being a good example

97. Post content that people will enjoy consuming and sharing

98. Video and text is the perfect match

99. See what other people are doing and mimic them

100. Tag relevant connections in your content

101. Don't expect a massive bump from resource page links

102. Why Paying For Backlinks Can Penalize Your Site

103. Private blog networks or PBNs are the worst

104. If their site gets penalized, your site may as well

105. Does Image Size Matter In SEO?

106. Why do you care about the size of your images?

107. Mobile devices take longer to load large images

108. How Google Analytics Helps You In SEO

109. Google Analytics is free and very valuable

110. Google Analytics is one of the first things you should install on your site

111. Keyword Density Is A Joke In Today's SEO

112. What to do instead of worry about keyword density

113. Focusing on keyword density creates choppy content

114. Get The Best Of Google My Business To Outrank Competition

115. Why should your business be in Google My Business?

116. Google wants to refer its users to businesses that best suit their needs.

117. How 'Thin' Content Can Hurt Your Site

118. Rewrite thin articles if they get traffic

119. Get rid of content that you don't want to rewrite

120. Why Excessive Ads Can Hurt Your Rankings

121. Continuously offer fresh promo materials to affiliates

122. Study the most successful membership sites in your niche

123. Pay attention to everything inside the members area

124. Don't wing it and go with your gut feeling

125. Give free memberships to influencers in your niche

126. Give away free no strings attached memberships to influencers

127. Send a friendly message asking if they'd like to team up with you on a project

128. Try your best to have a strong relationship with your members

129. It doesn't only need to be you interacting with your members

130. It's difficult to break free of personal bonds

131. Start your membership site long before you feel ready

132. There's plenty to learn about running a membership site

133. It's an uphill battle in the beginning

134. Have fun and exciting group events with your members

135. Think of yourself not as individuals, but as a group

136. Create projects where everyone can participate in

137. Offer flexible payment options to your customers

138. Paypal can't be your only option

139. Whatever you do, don't overlook cryptocurrency

140. Drive traffic to your membership site using a blog

141. Gain trust and respect among those who matter the most

142. Only produce content in areas that you're an expert in

143. Hire someone else to talk about things if it's needed

144. Never do anything to damage your authoritative reputation

145. Don't go too broad in an attempt to please everyone

146. Your brand is your niche

147. Build your brand, and they will come

148. Use other influencers as a way of building awareness to your brand

149. Add substance to their content and get noticed for it

150. The trick is to build your brand, and someone else's at the same time

151. Go the gorilla Marketing route and sneak in your brand

152. Market to people without Marketing at all

153. You don't have to say a word

154. Reputation management is vital for anyone building a brand

155. You can't be everywhere at one time

156. There are services that will notify you of brand mentions

157. Do competitor research to see where other brands are failing

158. It's all about you filling the voids others leave behind

159. You can be ruthless and considerate at the same time

160. Create a logo that sticks out in stays with people

161. HTTPS builds trust, and that’s important

162. Create an outline for every post

163. Going off topic confuses Google

164. Writing an outline provides structure for your content

165. Put the ban hammer on being controversial

166. Drugs, adult content, and guns are out of the question

167. Profitable content appeals to all

168. Use as few plugins as possible

169. Test plugins on a dummy site if possible

170. Check your site speed with third-party tools

171. All of the juice has been squeezed out of comment backlinks

172. Use comments as a means of building your online reputation

173. Avoid spamming other blogs for the sake of a backlink

174. Try to ask a question that will get a response

175. Use ad services that allow you to retarget visitors

176. Get the most bang for your advertising buck

177. Only use this method for traffic generation if your blog sells something

178. This method only works if you already have traffic

179. Work hard to build authority in your niche

180. Be visible on forums and social media sites

181. The outline provides a structure that your story needs

182. Don't force yourself to write if you're not feeling creative

183. Do other things if you must be in front of the computer

184. Writing becomes easier over time

185. Be patient when it comes to becoming a success

186. The sales will trickle in if you're lucky

187. Stick with it and don't give up

188. Work as hard promoting your book as you did writing it

189. It's up to you to find avenues to promote your book

190. First, you build up your fan base

191. Create a YouTube channel and use it to promote your ebooks

192. It's not about the quality of videos you create

193. YouTube live streams are great for building relationships

194. Read all of the popular ebooks in your niche

195. You should already know who the famous authors are

196. You can't read too much

197. Price your books at or below the price of others in your niche

198. It's a race to the bottom for new authors

199. You can raise your prices later on

200. Hire an editor to make sure your book is polished

201. Videos also make for a great incentive for subscribers to join your list

202. Use private label rights software to build your brand online

203. What is private label rights software?

204. A small investment can reap significant returns

205. Hand out free private label rights at industry functions

206. How do you compete with companies with big budgets?

207. Put private label rights content on thumb drives and give them away for free

208. Use private label rights clip art and other images to enhance your graphics

209. Share the graphics on social media for an added traffic boost

210. Add character to your content with the use of clipart

211. Sell private label rights stock footage to YouTubers

212. Get approval first before you resell the stock footage

213. Sell the stock footage individually or give access for a flat rate

214. Use private label rights videos to help Decemberrease your bounce rate

215. Video keeps people on your pages longer

216. High-quality content will always satisfy visitors

217. Build an entire website out of private label rights content

218. Don't worry about Google in the slightest

219. Send targeted traffic whenever possible

220. Sweeten deals by offering private label rights content if a customer buys something

221. Every downpour starts with a trickle

222. Colaborate with influencers in your niche on group boards

223. Try to stay within your niche

224. Produce content that will result in many different pins

225. Tag influencers in your niche when you produce relevant content

226. Tags from nobodies mean nothing

227. Work your way up to the top

228. Spend more time focusing on the benefits of a product than the cost

229. Make it as easy as possible

230. Your goal is to get people to buy

231. Use as many keywords as possible without spamming or stuffing

232. Pay attention to words that support keywords

233. Take a step back and reread everything

234. Get the most traffic on Pinterest by posting on Saturday mornings

235. Use a service to schedule your pins

236. Save the best pins for Saturday morning

237. Create boards that feature infographics

238. Create high-quality infographics that people will share

239. You don't have to create infographics yourself

240. Hire someone to manage your Pinterest account


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