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Content to Cash Academy

60 Done-For-You Short Value-Oriented Rebrandable Videos With A Complete Ready-To-Go Training Center That Will Sell To Your List Like A Ninja... All While Your Audience Gets Impactful Short Video Content That No Body Else Is Willing To Do!


Content to Cash Academy
"Maximizing Success through Lists and Coaching"

This Volume is Jam-packed with 60 Short Videos on 4 In-Demand Topics.

One-Time-Release "Content to Cash Academy" PLR Package Includes The Following Modules:

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60 Horizontal Videos

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Vertical Dimension:

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(Ideal For Your Website or Training Center)

Take a look at these 60 video titles:

1. Continually create content to help with the traffic overlap

2. Don't write content with monetization in mind

3. Write for readers and not for Google

4. The money will come if you produce quality content

5. Work hard to become an influencer in your niche

6. Guest posting is also a great way to show off your knowledge

7. Respect is earned and not given

8. Every article needs to be well researched

9. You don't need to go to the library to do research

10. Link to any information that you reference

11. Create a framework for every article before you write it

12. It's not as hard as you think

13. Staying on topic has many rewards

14. Quality content will generate backlinks without you do anything

15. Website owners naturally link to quality content

16. The links will naturally start to pour in

17. Try to include as much data as possible

18. People love numbers

19. Be creative and test what others aren't

20. Repurpose your content to get the most out of it

21. Always hone your messages for the best results

22. Learn how to craft catchy subject lines that draw people in

23. Don't mislead people with your subject lines

24. Keep the words simple and easy to read

25. Reinvest back into your list to create a money-making machine

26. Set aside a large portion of your profits and reinvest them

27. Where to invest your profits

28. Always include a call to action in your emails

29. The next step isn't always about you making money

30. The call to action builds an invaluable relationship

31. Never lose sight of the impact of mobile devices

32. Craft your messages for those reading on sMarchtphones

33. Long blocks of text look even worse on a sMarchtphone

34. Create your own digital products for huge profits

35. Give your subscribers a discount

36. Keep offering fresh new digital products

37. Seek out special promo offers for your subscribers

38. Don't overstate the number of sales you can deliver

39. Do your homework and offer what your subscribers want

40. Membership sites are great for reoccurring sales

41. Upsell your coaching inside the member's area

42. Don't rush into becoming a successful coach

43. Start by helping others for free

44. Work slow at building up your reputation

45. Use software and other tools to manage your increasing workflow

46. Productivity is key to profits

47. Make sure to schedule in downtime

48. Differentiate between what your clients need and what they want

49. Let your client down easy

50. Come up with solutions that are doable

51. Try to find the sweet spot of how much your customers are willing to spend

52. Test different price points to see which converts the best

53. Upsells are where the real money is at

54. A large part of selling coaching services is Marketing yourself

55. Your reputation is your livelihood

56. The information you spout out is as good as gold

57. Hire someone to coach you if you hit a wall in your coaching business

58. It's all about paying for information

59. Do whatever it takes to make your business succeed

60. A website is a must for anyone considering getting into coaching


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