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Positive Living Academy

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Positive Living Academy

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Take a look at these 84 video titles:

1. The Power of Gratitude

2. A gratitude attitude can be the key to unlocking opportunities.

3. Gratitude is a choice and a state of mind.

4. Be thankful for your past to influence your future.

5. Simple acts of gratitude can influence the people around you.

6. Keep track of the things you are thankful for.

7. A thankful attitude makes one more appreciative of the people in their lives.

8. Show your gratitude with actions.

9. Gratitude can help build and strengthen relationships.

10. Express gratitude by contacting the people you are thankful for.

11. Change and influence your life by cultivating a gratitude mindset.

12. Be thankful and pay attention to the things you have.

13. Get through difficult times by channeling the power of gratitude.

14. Have gratitude to eliminate your fears.

15. Gratitude Inspires positive action and helps us meet your goals.

16. Where there is gratitude there is joy.

17. A gratitude mindset translates to good physical health.

18. Gratitude can increase your self-confidence and help you realize your potential.

19. Understand that you may have to try a couple of times before succeeding and appreciate the chance you get.

20. A gratitude mindset can help you get over the storms of life.

21. Always find a reason to be thankful.

22. Graceful Parenting

23. Parenting is a team job, work with your partner.

24. Work on boosting your communication with your kids.

25. Spend quality time with your child to influence positive change.

26. Your child becomes distant when you fail to give him/her your time.

27. Spending quality time with your child does not have to be fancy or expensive.

28. Monitor aggressive behavior when raising boys.

29. Raising hypersensitive and emotional girls

30. Monitor children’s online activities.

31. When it comes to using technology, set some rules.

32. Talk to your child about their online experiences.

33. When raising twins or close-age siblings, avoid comparing them to each other.

34. Build the right connection between siblings.

35. When raising twins, celebrate and encourage their individuality.

36. Give equal attention and love in the best way possible.

37. Avoid discussing one child’s weakness in the presence of the other.

38. Avoid celebrating the successes of one child in a manner that demeans the other.

39. Learn how to deal with troubled teenagers.

40. Become friends with your withdrawn child.

41. When adopting a child ensure everyone in the house is prepared before adopting.

42. When separating, help your children understand why you have decided to get a divorce.

43. The Power Of Influence

44. Become a role model and agent of hope

45. Your background and surrounding molds you into the person you become

46. Social influences encompass the role models in our lives

47. Surround yourself with successful people

48. Work on building fruitful and influential connections

49. Be careful not to fall into the comparison trap

50. Build your influence by encouraging participation

51. To influence and inspire, you have to avoid negative thoughts

52. Show a little vulnerability to motivate those around you

53. Live a life of purpose to have an impact on other people

54. Never underestimate your abilities

55. Positive and long-lasting influence is based on honesty and authenticity

56. Work on your speech and articulation

57. Impactful people can recognize ability

58. Be the voice of positivity amid challenges

59. As someone in a position of influence, you should learn to be a listener

60. Do not stop learning from the people around you

61. Let passion lead the way

62. Keep working on developing your inner strength

63. Do not stop believing in other people

64. Power Of Living Intentionally

65. Living intentionally helps you make smart decisions.

66. Do not just blow with the wind, live with intention.

67. Draw up your roadmap to a life that aligns with who you are.

68. Your goals should mirror and represent your intentions.

69. Set clear goals.

70. An intentional lifestyle begins by knowing your purpose.

71. Be that person who is intentional.

72. Separate yourself from the norms of the world by purposely choosing how you live.

73. Do not leave anything to chance, let your hands and mind be responsible for your destiny.

74. Your intentions and beliefs provide the framework of who you are.

75. Making intentional choices can gain you financial freedom.

76. When you’re living intentionally your actions are meaningful.

77. Knowing your purpose gives your life direction.

78. Have a solid foundation or reason for the life you want.

79. Surround yourself with realistic people who understand your journey.

80. An intentional living lifestyle has a positive impact on your health.

81. The Only Way Of Ensuring You Win Your Battles Is By Living An Intentional Life.

82. Intentional living helps build better and functional relationships.

83. Trust the process and be easy on yourself.

84. Be not afraid to say no to the things that do not align with your beliefs.


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