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Power & Influence Academy

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Power & Influence Academy

This Volume is Jam-packed with 84 Short Videos on 4 In-Demand Topics.

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Take a look at these 84 video titles:

1. The Power Of Discipline

2. Self-discipline is a choice available to every one of us.

3. Self-discipline begins by knowing your goal and purpose.

4. Take time to know yourself to better manage yourself discipline and go after your goals.

5. Without self-discipline, you will always have trouble achieving your goals.

6. Your discipline is aligned with your dreams.

7. Reinforce good behavior by rewarding yourself.

8. Self-discipline causes you to make progress.

9. Discipline gives you complete control of your life.

10. Know what distracts you and get rid of it.

11. Influence the people around you to maintain your self-discipline.

12. It takes self-discipline to recover from a setback.

13. Poor Time Management And Procrastination Are Signs Of An Undisciplined Life.

14. It helps you manage your time wisely.

15. Replace bad habits to have better control of your life.

16. Being disciplined improves your focus levels.

17. Self-discipline helps you eliminate destructive behaviors.

18. Control your environment for enhanced productivity.

19. Patience and persistence can help improve your discipline levels and value.

20. Being disciplined improves your productivity levels.

21. Self-discipline can help you make smarter decisions.

22. The Power of Entrepreneurship

23. An entrepreneurial mindset can improve your performance.

24. Pair your entrepreneurial mindset with action to achieve your objectives.

25. You can develop and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset regardless of where you come from.

26 Become an entrepreneur and enjoy a flexible schedule.

27. With entrepreneurship you can pursue a career that is in line with your values.

28. Entrepreneurship solves problems and helps businesses evolve.

29. Entrepreneurship allows you to have more control over your business.

30. Entrepreneurship causes you to be intentional with your time and actions.

31. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to surround yourself with the right people.

32. Entrepreneurial habits need to be nurtured.

33. Do not be afraid to start small.

34. Do not be scared to talk and share your ideas with other people.

35. You can be an entrepreneur in your place of work.

36. Entrepreneurship is powering world economies.

37. Entrepreneurship gives you more control over your work.

38. There is perseverance in entrepreneurship.

39. Build sustainable and long-lasting relationships.

40. You can become the best version of yourself through entrepreneurship.

41. Entrepreneurship keeps you moving forward despite what happens.

42. It keeps you focusing on advancing your knowledge.

43. The Power Of Forgiveness

44. Bitterness prevents you from reaching your dreams

45. There is peace in forgiving someone

46. Free yourself from the bondage of bitterness

47. Forgiveness sets you up for a better life

48. Understand why you are forgiving someone

49. Forgiveness does not diminish the wrongs done against you

50. Make a conscious effort to forgive

51. Your time is precious, be quick to forgive

52. Forgive and set healthy boundaries

53. Recognize that nobody is perfect in this world and forgive.

54. Forgiveness is about forgiving even when you do not feel like the person deserves it.

55. Just like healing a wound, Forgiveness is a process.

56. Take a good look at yourself first before claiming betrayal.

57. Apologies should be independent of the outcomes.

58. Remember that forgiving them is not an act of weakness, it is rather an act of courage.

59. You do not need the weight that comes with carrying a grudge.

60. It is okay to have emotions when you are wronged, as long as you will get past it.

61. Seek forgiveness and ease the burdens of your heart.

62. Address issues and do not be quick to judge.

63. Be honest about how you feel and express your opinions.

64. The Power Of Financial Education

65. Become financially literate.

66. Financial education can buy you success.

67. Invest in financial education.

68. Financial education helps you to plan for the future.

69. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

70. Reject negative thoughts around finances.

71. Time lost is costing you your net worth.

72. A growth mindset is a key to financial independence.

73. Financial education is not restricted to those with debts.

74. Develop the saving skill.

75. Plan well into the future to avoid financial storms.

76. Financial literacy helps your kids to become responsible adults.

77. Beware of expensive friends.

78. Understand how money works.

79. Adopt a positive money mindset.

80. Share your knowledge and solve problems.

81. Beware of Bad/Unwise investments.

82. Financial education enables you to secure your retirement.

83. Have absolute control, Set financial goals.

84. Work with what you have.


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