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The Prosperity Academy

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The Prosperity Academy
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This Volume is Jam-packed with 84 Short Videos on 4 In-Demand Topics.

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Take a look at these 84 video titles:

1. Living a Life of Abundance

2. A life of abundance begins by channeling the right mindset.

3. Everything you are and have begins by manifesting in the mind

4. An undisciplined mind can limit your life.

5. Sometimes if you want to live a life of abundance you need to change your self-talk.

6. Abundance is born in the mind but it does not end there.

7. Have the freedom to dream and go after the life you want.

8. Believe in yourself and your dream.

9. Be ready to face and overcome your feelings.

10. Using the right affirmations can lead you to a life of abundance.

11. Forget your current and past situations, envision the life you want.

12. Look for something good in all things and at all times.

13. Be clear about what you want and begin working toward receiving it.

14. Recognize that you can create the life you want for yourself and your family.

15. Spreading joy can install an abundance of happiness in your own life.

16. Life is more meaningful when we run the race together.

17. The abundance of love increases self-esteem.

18. Influence the desired outcome.

19. Achieving a life of abundance requires you to be passionate about the things you do.

20. Never settle for less and always celebrate your victories.

21. Show gratitude and make the around feel appreciated.

22. The Power Of Attitude

23. Your mindset affects how you handle daily tasks and responsibilities

24. Maintaining a healthy outlook will help you achieve your goals

25. Positivity is associated with good health

26. Change your attitude

27. Positivity builds self-esteem

28. A great attitude attracts great company and opportunities

29. A good attitude guarantees growth

30. Your focus improves when you have a change in attitude.

31. Change your attitude towards your vision

32. Being an optimist makes you happier

33. Let go of things you cannot change

34. Negativity leads to a life of fear

35. Have the tenacity to Acknowledge what you are going through

36. Practice self-affirmation to sustain a positive attitude

37. Your attitude affects those around you

38. Surround yourself with positive influences.

39. Gratitude is an attitude

40. Every now and then you should find time alone to recharge

41. The right attitude leads to a happier and healthier life

42. Do not fall victim to your mind, practice mindfulness

43. Power of Change

44. Change fuels Progress.

45. Change your thought patterns to change your life.

46. Be patient with yourself.

47. It takes courage to experience true change.

48. Change requires discipline.

49. Fear inhibits true change.

50. Nothing guarantees success like being consistent.

51. Introspection can help you identify the areas of your life that need change.

52. The changes you make in your life are agents of improvement.

53. Be willing to accept change.

54. Constantly evaluate the changes you adopt.

55. Motivate change by rewarding your progress.

56. Anticipate uncertainties and prepare for them.

57. Do not overwhelm yourself, take small steps.

58. Implementing change requires you to have a strong support system.

59. Stop procrastinating, implement change today.

60. Change is the key to growth.

61. Use change to find and live your purpose.

62. Change brings forth new opportunities.

63. Distance yourself from negativity.

64. The Power Of Creativity

65. Your mind has the power to invent anything.

66. Being creative helps you stay productive.

67. Imagination is the key to innovation.

68. Creative thinking can unlock plenty of doors for you.

69. Creativity can improve your confidence levels.

70. If you want to come up with creative ideas you have to free your imagination from bondage.

71. Stress can prevent you from being creative.

72. Declutter your mind and get rid of the things that block your creative process.

73. Couple imagination with action for results.

74. Connect with other creatives.

75. Creativity builds confidence.

76. Read, watch and listen if you want to identify and develop your creativity.

77. Be genuine and original to live a stress-free

78. Creativity helps you express your true self.

79. To become creative, you have to be curious.

80. Avoid listening to some criticism.

81. Write down all your creative ideas.

82. Use your creative ability to lift yourself from difficult moments.

83. Find peace and positivity through creativity.

84. Use creativity to strengthen your relationships.


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