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The Online Business Academy

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Take a look at these 100 video titles:

1. Subscribe to the affiliate program's newsletter

2. The newsletter won't take much time to read

3. Don't hesitate to ask questions

4. Set up a special folder for your newsletters

5. Research every company before you promote them

6. Only promote programs that have been around

7. Keep in mind how they treat customers and not just affiliates

8. Don't get burned with pay per click traffic

9. Make sure you have all the right tools

10. Watch your money get flushed down the drain

11. Know how long the cookies last on your offers

12. It's not uncommon for people to wait to buy

13. Promote offers with the longest cookies possible

14. Use every tracking tool possible to study user behavior

15. Set aside time to study all of the analytics

16. Information is what separates winners and losers

17. Never try to trick people into buying your offer

18. Customers can chargeback if they use credit cards

19. Ripping people off isn't a long term business plan

20. Have a marketing strategy before your first ad is placed

21. Profit off of always in demand content

22. Finding great writers isn't difficult at all

23. The real money is in finding customers who keep coming back

24. Video editing is a service people will need for years to come

25. Seek out customers who have big projects

26. Just a handful of clients is all it takes

27. Make cash almost instantly with traffic arbitrage

28. Dealing directly with site owners is a must

29. Be prepared for upfront losses at first

30. Many arbitrage masters cut their teeth selling logos

31. Go with highly skilled graphic designers

32. Act fast while the customer still needs their logo

33. Voice-overs are needed for a multitude of different products

34. Find qualified professionals who have a solid track record

35. Don't limit yourself to one area

36. Become a virtual assistant and then build your own virtual office of workers

37. The tasks they do must be simple

38. Virtual assistants are in significant demand

39. Website design is an old form of arbitrage that's still in high demand

40. It's difficult to find designers who aren't flakes

41. Know the precise person who your coaching will help the most

42. People have questions, and you need answers

43. Tailor your message around those who need help

44. Separate yourself from all the other coaches

45. No one trusts someone who claims they can do it all

46. Exploit the weaknesses of other coaches

47. Price your coaching services competitively

48. Survey the prices other coaches are charging

49. Don't sell yourself short

50. Scale up your operation when you see get the formula for success down pat

51. Scale the process once you have a winning solution

52. The break-even point is vital to get to

53. Add people to your team to make growth possible

54. Don't skimp when it comes to hiring the right people

55. Give full-time employment to the right people

56. Every goal you set should be realistic

57. It's not as easy as you think

58. The agony of not meeting your goals will sink your business

59. Offering a subscription membership site can increase earnings

60. Offer live webinars once or twice a month to subscribers

61. Building a brand is a must for any online store

62. It starts with the concept of customer service done right

63. Quality is far more important than price

64. It's vital that you sell products that you have an interest in

65. You've got to get into the mind of your customer

66. Always over-deliver when it comes to quality for the money

67. Customers buy with their eyes, and that's why you need quality pictures and videos

68. Hiring a professional photographer isn't that difficult

69. Go with a photographer who has the best feedback

70. Establish a good relationship with the manufacturer of your products

71. Find out who you are to speak with inside the company

72. Keep track of all the important people you deal with

73. Test a sample product before putting it in your store

74. Ask friends and family members what they think of the product

75. This should be the beginning process of selling an item

76. Automation is key to profitability

77. Automated solutions already exist

78. Customer service is expensive, and automation is cheap

79. Don't be shocked when a customer wants their money back

80. Ask for a picture of the product they don't want

81. Learn as much as possible in your niche

82. Don't shy away from going back to school or taking online courses

83. The best investment is always in education

84. Challenge yourself to show off your expertise

85. Challenge yourself by doing case studies

86. People like to see you exploring the unknown

87. Be active in public venues to prove your knowledge

88. Forums, Reddit, and blog comments are where you want to focus your energy

89. Be informative and never spam

90. Always associate the quality of your content with your brand

91. There is no daylight between your brand and its content

92. Don't shy away from getting a second opinion on your content

93. Be generous with your time and help others climb the ladder of success

94. The community you're in will respect your efforts

95. Don't be shy when they show you gratitude

96. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it

97. The first thing that's required is an interest

98. Don't spin tall tales that will get you in trouble later

99. Be honest about your journey to success and all of your failures along the way

100. Admitting failure shows that you've learned from your mistakes


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