Audio Editing With Audacity

Promote A 'Never-Seen-Before' And High Quality Video Series With Full Private Label Rights - Taught By Experienced Marketers!

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Thursday, 23rd August @ 9:00 AM EST


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Audio Editing With Audacity

20-Part Over-The-Shoulder Video Series

Brand new 20-Part over-the-shoulder video training on how to Audio Editing With Audacity.

The training was full developed by us, proven internet marketers who use this platform for our own business. So you get to watch as we use it ourselves.

Here's what you'll discover in this video series:

How to get started with Audacity.

Learn how to get use to the interface and configure your settings.

Learn how to upload your audio file and what are the options to select when doing it.

Learn how to work with Audacity features and which one you should choose to correctly edit your audios.

How to quickly and easily reduce noises from your audio files to make it clearer.

How to import and export audio files in multiple format quickly and easily.

How to use record live audio with your microphone or mixer with audacity.

How to manipulate tracks and selections using the keyboard.

How to add real-time effects and transitions in your audio files.

Learn how to edit your audio file with a text editor and understand why it’s so powerful.

Learn the tricks used to convert your audio into different sample rates and format.

How to cut, edit, paste and delete multiple sections in an audio file.

Learn how to use the ‘effects’ features to make Pro-level audios.

Learn the different techniques involved in using Audacity to grow your business.

And so many more...

Aside from this over-the-shoulder video series, we’re also including ready-made sales materials such as sales copy, commercial video, graphics, etc.

Upgrade Options:

Your customers will have the opportunity to upgrade their purchase with our advanced complementary video series and sales materials when they go through the sales funnel.



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