Affiliate Launch Marketing

Bank 100% Commissions On Both Front End and Upsell 1 When Promoting This Brand New Private Label Rights Package!


Affiliate Launch Marketing

This is a 3-part live video training sessions recorded specially for our private coaching students who paid us to attend this event.

Inside we reveal proven techniques we used to successfully promote product launches as affiliates and make a lot of commissions from these. This is a very specific type of training designed for people who 'wants to do it like the gurus'. So in this series, we reveal everything about it and how you can replicate these steps in your own business.

It's a very practical course that even a complete beginner can follow and get results with it. No fluff theories - only actionable steps to succeed.

The total video running time is about 1 hour. Just enough to keep your customers excited and take action so they get awesome results upon implementation.

Here’s What You’ll Discover
Inside This Video Training:

The complete system to making money quickly and easily with product launches.

How to get started with your product launch promotion and squeeze the maximum sales.

The time-tested formula used by successful marketers to drive tons of sales in a short time period.

How to identify hot-in-demand products in your niche market that will convert like crazy.

The secret routine you need to go through when promoting a product launch successfully.

How to select the perfect bonuses for your promotion and how to differentiate it with other marketers promoting the same offer.

What you need to say to your subscribers and how to get them to buy immediately.

The secret method used by only a handful of successful marketers to keep seeing sales every single day.

And so many more...

High Quality Content.
Proven Strategies.

The training was fully developed by us, proven internet marketers who use the same strategies in our own business. We teach from experience.

Aside from these video training, we’re also including ready-made sales materials such as sales copy, commercial video, graphics, etc.

Upgrade Options:

Your customers will have the opportunity to upgrade their purchase with our advanced complementary video series and sales materials when they go through the sales funnel.



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